Are Sugar Daddy Websites For Real?

There are a huge number of sugar daddy sites these days, promising impressionable girls “instant” riches from dating a guy they meet there. The reality is that many of these sites are fake, or populated by fake-ass men who masquerade as sugar daddies but want to just sink their hooks into girls and take advantage. If you are a sugar baby like myself, who is serious about meeting a wealthy man, and embarking on this sort of (very rewarding) arrangement then you need to learn how to find a genuine site on which to meet sugar daddies.
Millionaire-Match is my go-to site. I’ve been a sugar baby for several years now to a number of men that I met through this site, and the quality of the site and the men who use it  is unparalleled. Any site you choose to join should follow a similar style to Millionaire-Match , be certain of the site you are joining and you should not have any problems.
Firstly, choose a sugar daddy website with an honesty policy. As you’ll see on Millionaire-Match, there is no coyness or metaphor when describing what this relationship entails. It MUST be understood from the get go that a wealthy older man treats you financially during your liaison with him. As a sugar baby, your job is to be attractive, sexy and fun company for him. Of course, you may fall in love too, in which case great, you lucky girl! this happens a lot,  but seeking love is not the primary motive for this arrangement. Sugar daddies are men who want all the luxuries wealth can buy, including attractive female company.
Secondly, do not enter into offsite messaging unless you are ready to meet in person and have agreed on how you both wish to proceed. Quality sugar daddy sites offer you a measure of protection, and are a safe place for you to work out what’s right for you, and to make sure you will not be used and taken advantage of. You are not a cheap trollop, you are a classy and buisness-minded girl who is making a transaction which reflects her self-worth. Never compromise on your value, the right man will respect you all the more for it.
Flirt.. a lot. The more sexy and attractive and fun you present yourself as, the higher in demand you’ll be by many eligible daddies. Hell, I get gifts and spoiling from men I haven’t even met up with in the flesh.. one guy even sent me diamond earrings as a little gift to tempt me into meeting him. these guys LOVE to treat girls, and it often becomes a competition with them to try and get your attention. Remember you are in control here 😉
Yes, sugar daddy dating websites ARE for real, the only difference is that instead of you seeking a man, you make a man seek YOU. He has to work for you, for your attention and these men love that.. you are a prize worth having. So, any girl reading this who has beauty and style and likes a game or two, I’d suggest throw that modesty aside and try and older man, you’ll be spoiled rotten, and in more ways than financially. Older men have sexual expertise than blows young guys out of the water!